The E-Drumset is a new instrument. Many new interfaces are derived to help lesser players achieve virtuosic ends, while other projects make a controller that is massively configurable where a more static instrument is appropriate. This project provides insight into the theory and practice of new musical interfaces while delivering novel forms of synthesis and gesture recognition appropriate for the next generation of Electronic Drumset.

The E-Drumset is collection of software and hardware that allows alternatives to the acoustic components of the drumset. By mixing the components into different combinations it can be personalized for each player. The hardware can be any sound source that sends a signal into a computer so that it may be processed by the software.

Read my Ph.D. dissertation on the E-Drumset [.pdf]

E-Drumset Performance Playlist

Demo: Timbre-Recognition Based Instruments

A new paradigm in gesture recognition systems that utilizes music information retrieval approaches. Timbre-recognition based instruments use real time classification techniques to determine the gesture used in order to provide high level information to the player.

Demo: Acoustically Excited Physical Models