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Wednesday May 05, 2010
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In preparing for mono.mono//stereo I searched for something that would make images that I wanted. I started with Processing but once I started adding some effects it got way too slow so I found Quartz Composer. I ended up using that for the piece. That introduced a lot of communication problems. OSC is not implemented well and there are a lot of resets and bogus reports. The same data sent to any other program looks just fine. I am looking to leave Quartz and move to another language. What I can't find is a good language for drawing in 3D with a list of arbitrary coordinates.

So, I have been thinking about going back to Processing or checking out Field. Field has a lot of nice bridges to Max/MSP and some incredible hybrid code/gui functions. It also binds with python nicely so I could integrate marsyas and some other systems pretty easily. Could this be the glue I am looking for?

I am still searching. I have some time coming up and I think I will play with it a bit and report back.

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