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Banff Residency

Monday August 02, 2010
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I am on a Residency with Jordan Tate in Banff to work on my visual competency and I am teaching Jordan about programming and digital media.

Jordan's first assignment is to make 10 animated gifs in response to other work. Here is part one. This is called 4'33". I recently saw Rauschenberg's "White Paintings" at SFMOMA and I was really taken. I love minimalism. I found out through some reading that Cage didn't really go for the full 4'33" until he saw these. I like black so I made a black animated gif with various degrees of black. I did this because Cage discovered that you can't ever experience silence, there is always some noise and jitter.

animated gif
// TITLE: 4'33"
// Adam Tindale 2010

import gifAnimation.*;

GifMaker gifExport;
PImage mygif;

color[] c = new color [3];
int i = 0;

void setup(){ 
 gifExport = new GifMaker(this, "export.gif");
 c[0] =  color(0);
 c[1] =  color(3);
 c[2] =  color(5); 

void draw(){

 if (i == 2){
  i = ++i % 3;

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