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Signal Jam~ 1

Sunday July 12, 2015
Category: Documentation
Screenshot of software.

A night of experimentation put on by Kyle Duffield. The idea is that we come, hack, create from scratch, and jam with our hastily built ideas. A little bit of good music occured but mostly it was a stimulating event that forced everyone to make something quickly and get out, rather than perpetually work on things that never leave the studio. I like this kind of thing. Here are some links to the event, and the thing I made. If you like this kind of thing be sure to check in with interaccess for the next one.

Untitled 8

Thursday February 24, 2011
Category: Documentation
Screenshot of software.

Untitled 8 is the first interface implemented using JunctionBox by a programmer other than the primary author. The audio engine consists of a single frequency modulated oscillator with reverb and granular synthesis effects processing, all implemented in Pd. The interface is designed for the realization of a loosely scored composition.

Performed at CCRMA, Stanford University, Summer 2010.

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Open Spaces Project

Wednesday February 23, 2011
Category: Documentation

MACHiNENOiSY (Vancouver): The Open Spaces Project (2009)

Co-presented with MACHiNENOiSY through The Dance Centre's Artist-in-Residence program

An ambitious and exciting new work for a cast of six men, The Open Spaces Project is an international collaboration between MACHiNENOiSY Co-Artistic Director Daelik, Berlin-based Australian performance artist Paul Gazzola and Calgary-based sound and new media artist Adam Tindale. The piece investigates the influence of space on identity, the relationship between architecture and gender, and constructs of masculinity, drawing on themes ranging from the cowboy as a masculine icon to the colonization of remote landscapes. Weaving innovative choreography, sophisticated video manipulation and sound together, The Open Spaces Project presents a multilayered essay on people and space.


Sound Track

Open Spaces Project – Trio by adamtindale

Open Spaces Project – Working by adamtindale

Open Spaces Project – Opening by adamtindale



Tuesday February 22, 2011
Category: Documentation
Screenshot of RECORD.

RECORD is at once a performance, critique, and intervention on the recording medium. Christopher Small, in his book Musicking, conjectures that music is an event not an object, or rather it is a verb and not a noun. However a recording is both, a recording lays dormant ready to be performed. Record itself is both a noun and verb until it is contextualized in language. RECORD is created as a static object that is performed either by the artist or by the listener.

RECORD was premiere at High Performance Rodeo - MIDWAY 2011 in Calgary, AB, Canada.




Vector Rails - Temporal Extinction Event

Monday February 21, 2011
Category: Documentation

Vector Rails

Clinker (Electronics) + Adam Tindale (Drums)

The above link will take you to the sourcecode for the visual engine for Temporal Extinction Event. This software was written entirely in Processing using insipirations from the Creative Pact 2010 code sprint from September.

The video below was shot by Kari McQueen and edited by Clinker. Enjoy!

This work was generously supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.