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O'Reilly Class

Tuesday August 31, 2010
Category: Creative Pact 2010

I enrolled for the O'Reilly class on Processing and Arduino and it starts in 30 minutes. I am hoping that it becomes useful. I do like controlP5 as a library for guis.

In the meantime I did a few utils. I have an easy save mechanism thanks to saveFrame() in Processing. I also have some sketch code for recording video. Surely this will change over the month but these are things that I thought would be important to start.

I think I may also start a template sketch so I can get straight to my idea. I'll be sure to put it up if I get to it.

MovieMaker mm;  // Declare MovieMaker object

// copy to setup() to activate
 mm = new MovieMaker(this, width, height, "",
                       frameRate, MovieMaker.H263, MovieMaker.HIGH);
// copy to the end of draw() 
void captureEvent(Capture myCapture) {;

void mouseReleased(){

void keyPressed(){
 if(key == ' ')
 if (key == 'f')
 if(key == 's' & mm != null) 

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