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Gearing Up for Creative Pact 2010

Saturday August 28, 2010
Category: Creative Pact 2010

Finally I am going to be staying at home for some length of time. I have a few goals for the next few months to forward my practice. I need to improve my skills and learn some new tricks to get my next project done. To that end I am committing to the Creative Pact 2010 in order to keep myself motivated.

Every day in September I will put up a new post about something creative I have done in Processing. I was thinking that every post would be audio + visuals but I think I am going to keep it manageable. I don't know if I will have more than an hour a day to be creative since school starts soon. Weekends will likely have bigger projects, as I will have more time on those days.

I am hoping to learn some more about Minim, controlP5, GLGraphics and OpenGL in general as I create this stuff.

For all you Processing experts watching please comment and show me how to improve my code, coding, and inspiration for visuals. Even links to things would be super helpful.

I am going to build a few tools for the next few days so I can take some screenshots and videos easily to post for y'all. I will put them here in case they are useful for you too.

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