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Day 5

Monday September 06, 2010
Category: Creative Pact 2010

Today I was working with analysis. This patch doesn't have a lot of good looks but I have implemented a zero crossing rate function, an rms function for time domain analysis, spectral centroid, spectral rolloff, and spectral compactness. I coded up a spectral flatness measure but I keep getting zero as the output. I haven't done thorough debugging job because I was trying to make sure I have something done for today!

I started out hoping that I could implement both the spectral features and time domain features as an AudioListener object but the FFT object doesn't work that way. So, I made a method that is called every draw loop. This isn't the nicest solution but it works. I am dreaming up a link between jAudio and MINIM. If I'm not careful I might be putting another thing on my plate :)

Today's patch is really just an extension of MINIM's spectral display patch but an overlay of the feature extraction output. My hope is to eventually do a MINIM version of sndpeek. Maybe tomorrow there will be text and waterfall plots... maybe.

Screenshot of software. Screenshot of software.

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