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Day 13

Tuesday September 14, 2010
Category: Creative Pact 2010

Today I am working with a visual idea that I want to turn into music. I have a blurry scene where the action moves up and a sine wave moves down. It is a start.

I am using a stack blur from quasimondo. It is super fast and it looks ok. Not quite as pleasurable as a gaussian but way faster. I also got bit on a pointer reference thing when converting a PGraphics to a PImage. Be careful! PGraphics is a subclass of PImage and you can assign one to the other thanks to inheritance but to copy the actual image from one to the other you have to use the get() method  and then things will behave like you expect. Thanks to the javadocs for Processing.

I have linked code at the bottom.

Screenshot of software. Screenshot of software.

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