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  • Robin Davies- Analog Modular Synthesizers
  • Adam Tindale - Electronic Drums

Davies and Tindale create ambient electronic textures via laptops, software and MIDI controllers. Loose compositional structures are built to be explored via improvisation. A type of stylistic coherency is achieved by weaving spoken-word recordings through these forms. Texts are set to music and sound in the manner of a radio-play, but are also manipulated using modern electroacoustic techniques, drawing on the traditions of Paul Lansky and Steve Reich.

A common complaint about laptop music collaborations is that the audience is unable to identify the source of a given sound. Tindale uses percussion controllers to trigger sounds and processes. This visceral connection with the sonic effect allows listeners to latch onto the performance and then deduce which elements are created by Davies. Davies is exclusively a laptop performer; he builds custom software environments, using Max/MSP to generate his auditory contributions. The duo prefer venues where there is no audience-stage barrier, allowing patrons to peer over performers’ shoulders to view the technology at work.